My artistic work has an autobiographical character. I attempt to express certain important moments, personal inclinations or inspirations through artistic activity, in this manner reliving the emotions tied to them. Creating paintings or graphic art, I am expressing some of the moments that touched me, or an inclination towards certain life habits, routines, or objects that inspire me.

Computers and computer games have made a deep impression on me. As a witness to the development of computer graphics from rough black and white shapes to the present visually rich computing environment in which the observer can merge with the environment in real time, I realize that the ideas are the same, while the technical capabilities are improved. I like to play old computer games because they remind me of my childhood and adolescence. They inspire in me the happiness I experienced playing as a child.

Geometry and its myriad forms have a great influence on me, along with the avant-garde movement and certain works that were potent in the former Yugoslavia: New Tendencies, Exat51, the works of Ivan Picelj, Vjenceslav Richter, and Julije Knifer. The very pixel-square, the basis of computer graphics, has placed rectangular boundaries to my expression. If I must choose between a circle and a square, I chose the square and its sharp boundaries.

My favorite techniques are computer graphics, acrylics, linocut and improvisational techniques in graphics such as printing with a roller. I work a lot in the computer graphic technique, as the computer allows me to realize my idea the quickest. Paper is my favorite surface, which I consider a noble surface that bears everything and constantly shows the content it carries.

I often create a cycle with a large number of works by combining and elaborating one basic pattern. At the end, I change and remove from such a base of works until I compose a selection with which I am satisfied and that adequately represents the fundamental idea. Sometimes I do not create in a planned manner, rather I develop patterns to the point where I feel they are done and I cannot improve them further.

I also like strong contrasts of colors that also have their roots in early computer games, because computers then had a limited number of colors and all were very saturated, so as to acquire the necessary contrast for visual expression. I love minimalism, because we live in a visually oversaturated world. By utilizing small interventions, I try to provide an initial spark to the viewers so they can experience the work of art in the way that best suits them.

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